Conduct disorder and antisocial behavior in children – part 2

This is the second and final piece of my article about conduct disorder and antisocial behavior in children. If you haven’t read the first one, you should take a look clicking here. So, let’s get to it.


The antisocial behavior of children and adolescents has been attributed to constitutional and environmental factors. Historically, it was with the establishment of clinics linked to the juvenile court that mental health professionals were able to observe the development of antisocial behavior in childhood and adolescence.

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Can children have coffee?

This week I was reading the newspaper while having coffee (I am a coffee addict) and thought to myself when it will be my kid doing that. Then the question that instantly came to me was, when can children have coffee and how harmful can it be? To answer that question I made a research, and the result, well, is what you can read below, I hope you like it :)

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Anxiety of first day at School

This first day has the meaning for all children, the transition to another phase of its development which already has a huge awareness “… I go to school to learn to read and write… I’m not a baby anymore …”

So, they want to learn to read, uh… What about me?

We hear them say, filled themselves for failing to belong to the group of children. This day is a kind of ritual with some anxiety experienced by parents and children. It is not unusual that cries at the door of the classroom and mothers who are out there for your little ones to see, the only way to stay in school.

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Children behavior by age

This text was organized in order to give teacher(s) and parents, some information about the development of children between 0-6 years of age with steps of children behavior by age listed in order to identify situations in the spot.

Ages & Stages – Children behavior by age: the Child aged from 0 to 6 years

Children Behavior by ageI believe that a theoretical basis that provides them the mechanisms involved in the development of children of 0-6 years in their cognitive, affective and social can offer them subsidies so they can relate to how these principles work in helping our children to become more aware, autonomous, critical, creative and happy.

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How to deal with a difficult child

I received many e-mails from concerned parents with questions on how to deal with a difficult child at home, so I took some time to write this article on the topic. Hopefully it helps parents to deal with this small problem.

Badly educated children scare people away

How to deal with a difficult child

It is extremely unpleasant for parents or witnesses to whom a child is behaving inappropriately.

Aggressiveness, explosion of anger and even dangerous attitudes to their physical reactions are delicate, but can be changed.

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Conduct disorder and antisocial behavior in children – part 1

I’ll write a two piece article on conduct disorder and antisocial behavior in children here at HTCC. This should give you a great insight about how to understand the problem and the better way to deal with it. This first part presents the problem and teaches you how to detect that in your child. So let’s get to it, I hope you enjoy!

Conduct disorder and antisocial behavior in childrenCertain behaviors such as lying and skipping class, can be observed in the course of normal development of children and adolescents. To differentiate normality and psychopathology, it is important to verify that these antisocial behavior in children occur sporadically and in isolation or are syndromes representing a deviation from the standard behavior expected for people their age and sex in a given culture.

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The Social Development of Children

Social development of childrenIt’s called social development what is observed in the behavior of some people, so act with respect to a given situation or person, and with special care when it comes to social development of children. Here we noted the child’s social development since our proposal is to clarify and perhaps aid in the understanding of some factors that influence decision making.

The stages of social development of children

The social development of a child is fully grounded in the physical, psychological and particularly the cognitive aspects. When these aspects are in harmony and are respected, the child’s social development occurs in a linear manner and without major problems, so it is worth remembering that medicine is in charge of physical care, psychology and pedagogy of emotional learning. All this is important before because the big challenge is to develop a child’s social aspect, and those linked to each other. Each phase of life is characterized by factors that influence child development so that the child feels it is part of the process of social interaction. The stages of social development are:

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